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The freedom to go anywhere

Trying to avoid the grim site loo’s?
Make toileting dilemmas a thing of the past!

Peebol Portable Toilet

The Peebol is the ultimate solution to needing the loo whilst out and about.

  • PB Icon 1 Fast Acting - Turns urine into a solid gel almost instantaneously.
  • PB Icon 1 No odour and non-spill - No nasty smells or leaks to worry about.
  • PB Icon 1 Unisex - Can be used by Men, Women and Children.
  • PB Icon 1 Large Capacity - Will hold up to 1 litre.

Used by the military, rescue service & sports teams

PB Icon 1


PB Icon 1


PB Icon 1


PB Icon 1


PB Icon 1


PB Icon 1


PB Icon 1


PB Icon 1


Out & About

Stuck with
nowhere to go?

Pocket Sized Toilet

Military Use

Leave no trace,
go undetected

QeeZee sick bags

Family Time

No need to leave your tent

Peebel Pocket Pack

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