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- Team Shewee.

How to use


  • Undo trousers, push underwear to one side and place the Shewee gently against the body.
  • Aim the Shewee away from feet, and towards the ground/toilet/into your Peebolhow to use
  • When finished, pull the Shewee away and wipe. The Shewees liquid repellent surface will ensure no drips are left on the Shewee itself.
  • Place the Shewee back into its case (if an Extreme), or into a resealable bag if you do not have a case.

Tips for the first time you use your Shewee: 

  • Don’t push the Shewee too tightly against the body. The pointy end should be touching the body and the front rounded end should be held a few millimetres away from the body.
  • Practice in the shower to find the best position.
  • Remember gravity – the outlet pipe must be lower than the pointy end!
Remember ladies... practice makes perfect!